The Areas

The existential problems be solved by these great teachers, philosophers, offering a vision of the world, these communities developed their emotional intelligence, through the practice of contemplation and reflection, therefore the members of this society were more focused in their spiritual development. You may find koch brothers to be a useful source of information. This called pre-modern period beginning with humanity and ended in the seventeenth century with the rise of science. This was the great paradigm dogmatic. With the rise of science, was present a second period called modernity, emerged during this period and the predominance of science, technology and economics, specific aspects of human materialism, focusing on the satisfaction of material human needs based on the exploitation of natural resources. Teachers and priests no longer had absolute control of reality, scientists now gaining ground with his theories and methods to demonstrate the validity of knowledge, which in this case was logical – mathematical thinking then stopped and turned to be contemplative sound, generating a very dehumanized education concerned and engaged in technical control of the world. Power was in the hands of developed nations, who exploited and focused on destroying those who had less.

On the other hand the areas of value that was previously commented differed, also causing problems, since this distinction was that society perceived as contradictory. Within the first half of the mechanistic paradigm is that an end to this period have been resolved material needs of man, arousing in him a new interest, to resolve social problems now afflicting the community. Thus began the third period, postmodernity that points to humanity as a product of culture, by making this statement had to work to raise awareness to address the problems of consumerism that had left the scientistic period, for this reason it work in promoting values such as respect for diversity, social justice, equity in education, etc., then offering a value-oriented education and the environment.