Forrester Research

Innovative companies rely on independent maintenance Aachen, 20.10.2010 maintenance remains one of the biggest points of contention between manufacturers and users. The customers issue costs and quality usually no compelling testimony. Third-party maintenance is here offered as an alternative: according to the study, 76% of the companies can imagine, to employ. 1 alternative service models that so far only a few German companies left their software third party maintenance, likely especially on ignorance, uncertainty. Compared to other countries, the market for third-party maintenance in Germany is still very small. “According to software expert Dr. Stefan Ried, senior analyst at Forrester Research, the companies in this country still very close to the major software manufacturers and often opt for a single-vendor strategy. 2 possible reasons for this are: ignorance: so far know only innovative and well informed companies of the additional option of alternative service”.

Maintenance optimization and a perfectly planned IT strategy Unfortunately still often play a secondary role. Uncertainty: Especially SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) want to not forfeit to it with their software suppliers. Aggressive statements of manufacturers, for example about the future ability of third-party maintenance, generate additional pressure and lead to uncertainty. Habit: to change established processes, the IT Department have to do lot of persuasion. This money can be third-party maintenance save without having to accept loss of quality. Third-party maintenance as a concept which some companies already firmly save future with third-party maintenance and prove that this model works well. However users aware should be how you want to make your IT policy in the future”, white software expert Axel Susen, initiator of the starfish IT Forum. Because third-party maintenance is not carried out by the official software manufacturer, you must allow for service updates, releases and patches come up with something? Here are creative companies (users and) SAP-Spezialisten) just portable concepts developed in the market.