Reach Good Results

Carlos Mora Vanegas success consists in obtaining what you want. Happiness, enjoy what you get. Ralph Waldo Emerson once must manifest in pro of favourable results of the company in support of its objectives, goals, having good work teams. Learn to harness the potential of individuals in order to integrate them into teams in order to consolidate skills, skills, skills that favour management in their performance and step to the human capital that integrates the company is optimally utilize. Robert Bakish will not settle for partial explanations. To the extent that management determines the scope, relevance of knowing form, use equipment of cohesive work, accomplishments can be ensured if in addition is taken into account as it puts it wikipedia, that companies that foster an environment of harmony among workers get beneficial results. Koch has many thoughts on the issue. The company in effectiveness and workers in their social relations. The fellowship is achieved when there is work and friendship.

Work equipment, are elaborated rules, which must be respected by all members of the group. They are rules of behavior established by the members of the team. These rules provide a basis to predict the behavior of others and to prepare an appropriate response to each individual. They include the procedures used to interact with others. Function of norms in a group is to regulate their situation as organized unit, as well as the functions of the individual members.

The force that integrates the Group and its cohesion is expressed in solidarity and sense of belonging to the Group manifesting its components. How much more cohesion exists, the most likely group to share values, attitudes and common standards of conduct the teamwork is not only beneficial to a person if not for all the team involved. work as a team will bring more satisfaction and will make us more sociable, also will teach us to respect the ideas of others and help the companions if they need our help.