Calahorra Traffic

When he managed to reach the road, He seized an automatic weapon to frightens their persecutors. the hurtling same as that civilian guards Castejon. This first direct confrontation with state security forces resulted in one officer killed and three wounded. The lone demonstrated a great experience and coolness when implementing their robberies. State in which was the vehicle of the agents where he would do or where they came when the May 9, 2004 was crossed with the two officers of the detachment Traffic? This is difficult to determine because the road is used by a shaft which may or may come from many places. So if that is clear is clutching his automatic weapon and wearing his usual costume. The two police officers tried to stop when traveling on the N-122 in the municipality of Castejon (Navarra), for a traffic violation.

When he saw that The Lone Ranger was a patrol car left the official vehicle pass him and when he passed to his height he strafed with automatic gunfire. 23 bullets shot through the open window, back and forth, nailing all within the patrol car, instantly killing one of its occupants and wounding one mortally. The official car was bouncing until it went off the road while shooter resumed the march and was on the run, being considered at that time the most wanted professional by the Civil Guard. Several officials in dozens of agents assigned to units of judicial police are after him. Trivia: * The automatic weapon still can be identified in the databases of the FBI ballistics or the Spanish police. Is it a weapon or conventional weapon craft modified? * Throughout his professional career has continued to use the same weapons instead of destroying them. Do not contact arms dealers to leave no tracks or simply do not have any supplier? * In the confrontation with the police in the Vall d’Uixo came face to face with an armed security guard.

He pointed to his chest, but before shooting under the gun and shot him in the leg. Even if the private guard continued firing The solitary life forgive him endangering his own. Years later ruthlessly executed two police officers who pose a threat much less. “I wanted to kill or actually fired the shots from back to up front just to intimidate them?. If you really had intended to kill them because they saw his face no doubt about his aim So why consider a common professional lucky? * Do you really acting alone or is complicit in the provinces that works? “If you really act alone, as you might know the security measures of banks if no recording has been linked to any customers that come days before the holdup?.