Friulian Benedictine Paul

This and other hymns believed that when they ran they imparted a special thank you to the present. These frequencies contained in these songs, were discovered by Dr. re: joseph puleocomo and is the He describes in the book by leonard horowitz. Learn more about this with David Koch. The solfeggios include six frequencies. within the anthem to san juan bautista, in each of the first syllables of each word the singers gave them an intonation that were later called the frequencies of the first solfeggios syllables had the particularity of being in a top tone to which preceded him, and also completion of the same era in vowels, thus giving the possibility of being very well Sung. The names of musical notes that we know, all these are derived from a poem by the monk Friulian Benedictine Paul the deacon, entitled your queant laxis.That poem extracted the names of the musical scale, and it is said that to properly handle these frequencies the monks generated among other things amazing cures.

It speaks that these frequencies would be aligned with the structure of creation at all in the universe, paired, with what is called sacred geometry. So you’re talking about something significantly transcendent. We are going to cite some examples of how these frequencies, today note me is used by geneticists, biochemical engineers to repair structures of DNA that are broken, located in the 528 HZ frequency. Formerly were given other adjustments to these notes for example today note is tuned to 440 hz per second, but in that then that same note, was working at 415 hz. Unfortunately over time we went away little by little of that frequency.

The music was made with much deeper intentions for what you understand it now. It actually created so that it was heard by the soul, and not just our ears. Really these frequencies would thus change the structures of our inner, healing and freeing us from fears, among other things being. By applying these frequencies to the water spectacular geometric figures are discovered. This experiment Dr carried it out in Japan: masaru emoto, noting the impact that left the frequencies in the water molecules there observed and photographed. On the topic of the influence both of the thoughts as frequencies in the water will focus on another occasion a series of articles thereon. We shall now proceed to describe so that they serve or use these frequencies: OJ: 396 hz frequency for liberation from fear and guilt (Note known as UT). RE: 417 hz frequency to unlock situations and facilitate changes my: 528 hz frequency for processing and generating miracles.