Heiner Schaumann

New one-digit and two-digit possible with conflict potential in the trademark law – be careful with “a.de” or “007.de” Dusseldorf, October 19, 2009 – German DENIC domain management enables the registration of single – and double-digit second-level domains “a.de” or “xy.de” from October 23. You may wish to learn more. If so, John K. Castle is the place to go. In addition, pure numeric domains such as “1.de” or “007.de” are released. Experts expect a high-quality domain name registration boom, at least short names can be used finally like “vw.de” as a domain. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mashable on most websites. Sylvio Schiller, lawyer at the brand protection Portal urges such domains as “a.de” tulex.de but to be careful when logging, because in Germany there are only 659 valid trademark rights for the first letter in the alphabet. Schiller: “there are many brand and naming rights to be included in the domain registry already.

Brand owners will lose no time, the option to get over their rights to the domain to check thoroughly.” Behind “vw.de” or “007.de” strong brands with bustling lawyers are available, each domain lovers may be clear. Also many trademark disputes are the new domains expected, resulting from the protection against confusion with similar names. So, it is to wonder if the domain “dg.de” not with the brand D & G by Dolce and Gabbana collided. On the other hand, companies such as C & A must check what and who in the future on the domain “ca.de” is found. Also for the provider, with the new domain opportunities, increases the risks for a so-called with fault liability.

Even if here, the jurisdiction is not yet clear, one can assume, that obviously trademarked domains, providers not to evade any responsibility. The new domains are great striking Web addresses, but just in the Memorial and recognition of this short strings is the potential for conflict with registered trademarks. Who obtained one of the coveted 676 domains with only two characters, should not in front of an additional trademark Shy away from testing. “While it is not enough however to look purely for identical marks. Because even the brand of “krpravinchandra” is expected to be strong interest in the domain “ob.de” and can occupy a strong legal position with the trademark”, explained Schiller tulex.de from the portal for trademark protection. tulex.de offers all around brand protection online. Website about the professional brand research can in official trade data directly performed and specialized trademark lawyers will instruct with the trade mark application, up to the individual advice from a team of specialist lawyers. For more information see.