Fuel Cell Energy

A fuel cell is used for heat and power generation. Fuel cells convert chemical energy into electrical Energie. Mistakenly understood by a fuel cell is an energy storage. But it is actually an energy converter, which can easily replace a battery. In a fuel cell run in detail various chemical reactions. There are always reactions in which the chemical energy of a so-called oxidizing agent and the energy of a fuel is converted into electrical energy. After feeding of the various energy components are different fuel cells, there are water-oxygen fuel cells or cells that work on combustion processes. A fuel cell is always in the basic structure of two electrodes.

These are represented by a thin membrane separated. This membrane is also referred to as ion conductor. The two electrodes, anode and cathode are special. Therefore, the anode is in a solution containing the fuel. Such fuels are Wassersttoff, methane, Methanol or glucose solution for oxidation. The cathode is surrounded by the other hand, oxidants such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide or potassium thiocyanate.

Between these two areas where the chemical reactions of the resulting energy dissipation. Advantages of fuel cells are almost unlimited applications, as well as the high ecological importance. The mobile use of fuel cells is clearly the fuel cell vehicle, so the direct use in motor vehicles. Well-known automotive manufacturers use fuel cells. Other advantages of fuel cells are the possible future use in portable electronic devices than batteries, including the portable applications. Strong are the future, microbial fuel cells. They are particularly high because of their environmentally friendly mode of action of the future generation of fuel cells. This will not be used inorganic precursors for energy production, special organic substances, ie microbes. The plan is the use of such fuel cells at wastewater treatment plants for sewage sludge disposal and in particular, they have agronomic importance, such as is claimed by the geothermal heat at times.