In such a way, importance of each one of these sectors inside of the Perfilsul is verified it, being that each one of these contributes of definitive form so that if reach successfully the main objective of the company: the invoicing. Products offered for construction the 1-Material company Tracks for curtain, rulers stop mason, arms of shower, sealants of door, angle-irons for floor and tile, extensor for bathroom curtain, protectors of sink amongst others. 2-Glasswork All the aluminum profiles for the lines light Box and traditional Box, also including the accessories and plates pet. for the lines tempering Box and engineering of doors and glass windows, the company offers to all the aluminum profiles for 3 8 glass of mm. – wooden Esquadrias For this branch, the item that the company offers is only the pantogrficos tracks, sheaves, bars boats and vergalhes, used in its wooden majority for doors and windows. 4 – Decoration Is included in this branch, the men wooden, polywood and polishing aluminum, for any one of these types of men, the company offers to all the necessary accessories for its installation (rings, supports, etc.), also disponibiliza also kits already ready of 2 TM and 3 TM. 5 – Locksmith shop the locksmith shops work with baguetes U that are used mainly for the glass finishing decorations in walls; angle-irons L that also are used for effect of finishing in diverse cases.

6 – Hardware This branch joins two branches of activity: of material of construction and of wooden esquadria, working with the determined specified item previously. 7 – Plant of furniture In this segment is used the pipes in aluminum for manufacture of tables and chairs. These pipes are differentiated having different forms, models and sizes. Recently the company is producing plus a type of moveleiro profile that is destined to the manufacture of closets and wardrobes.