Packard-Hewlett and the first 'fantasy'. Today, looking, for example, a film on your netbook, we do not think about how it works within it, what happens to an electric signal, and who there paints a picture. In the 35th year of the twentieth century it was slightly differently. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard were professional engineers, and knew a lot about physics, knew all about the electrical signals, but never imagined that 75 years later the whole world will be able to watch movies on netbook production of their company and not to think about the physics of this phenomenon. True, this film then gave impetus to the development of the company. Bill and Dave, the graduates of Stanford University (the same university, in which neither the student, so great a world famous person) on the advice of his teacher Frederick Terman decided to organize their work (which proves once again – teachers need to listen!). Legend has it that they decided to call the company their names, but to decide whose name will be the first to toss a coin … and won Packard.

But obviously, these people had already distinguished non-standard approach, and did the opposite. The first product of Hewlett-Packard has audioostsilyator, Bill began to develop as a student. HP Model 200A was a precision instrument for testing audio equipment and, perhaps, why they became interested in studio Walt Disney Company. Filmmakers bought the HP 8 devices and used them when creating the movie 'Fantasia'. Silicon Dream.