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UchMAG – the official online shop teacher publishers. Our publishing for over 20 years. Online shop sells a wide range of educational, instructional materials, thematic planning for teachers and educators, as well as a variety of educational materials for students and their parents. Priority direction of publishing – it's manuals (prospective and case planning, etc.) for teachers, classroom managers, librarians and school administrators, teachers, preschool. Material developed such benefits in accordance with the educational and educational programs and targeted for on this or other educational and kits. Issue detailed lesson plans (summaries of lessons) is made in almost all educational courses and subjects, and, with their constant updates, tracking changes and additions made by the authors of textbooks. In addition to books, we also actively develop the direction associated with the production of electronic publications. Experience shows that, through the use of electronic products with the software much easier labor leaders, teachers and students and the whole learning process.

In the near future we can offer our partners and schools to a new kind of software products – CD-ROMs with the network program for interactive control of students' knowledge in computer classes. Every expert of his craft, but it is the teacher knows how important it is to use high-quality books, manuals, methodologies and thematic planning to produce an optimal training program and load distribution for each elective subject. We believe that our educational materials and practices will assistance and support in this work, bringing you to a new level. Everyone decides for themselves what the textbooks used, we also offer exceptionally high quality product and proud of it. Checkout is very easy to work with Russia and the CIS countries, working with all categories of customers, including directly with schools.