Spyware (Spyware )

Spyware (spyware) – this software installed on your computer through a secretive and designed to collect data on the PC configuration, the remedy for it, and confidential information to further the use of illegal or unethical purposes. Very often, these programs use to steal passwords, confidential correspondence, commercially sensitive information, etc. With the help of such programs satisfy own curiosity to observe the actions of children, relatives, spouse, employees. Functionally, the spyware can be divided into several areas of information collection and action: Save the list sites visited, keystrokes Memory (keylogger keylogger) and saving screenshots. In the case of this trojan – probably entered passwords will be sent to the creator for further illegal use, unauthorized control of your PC remotely, use the PC to send spam, use the PC for an attack on the remote server at this point in the network, you can find lots of free distributed and paid spyware. Many of them are intended to satisfy the curiosity and observation of the actions of PC user.

The most common of these keyloggers. However, in Unlike spyware, there are quite legitimate and control user activity on the computers that have a very broad functionality. Legality attaches to the implementation model – a process necessary advise the user being monitored. From a legal point of view for use in organizations is set in an employment contract or at least be made aware of staff list of software that can be used on the desktop. This list should make the monitoring program of action. Among these programs, the market leader in Russia is StaffCop, proven extensive functionality and stability. Among the program is to provide monitoring: Visited websites; Correspondence to social networks, including: OpenID, Classmates, Facebook, Twitter; Search Engine queries copied to the clipboard information, communication history in ICQ, Mail.RU agent, MSN, and others; Postal correspondence; Action with files and folders; USB devices and backing up your files with them, the beginning and end of work; Pressing keys, much more. In addition StaffCop allows you to build detailed reports on the actions of personnel at their computers, send reports to e-mail or FTP, and observe the users in real time. More information about the StaffCop can be found on the official site.