NetHunter Mitsubishi

Product line series equipment NEYRO brand Smartec enlarged single channel servers STS-IPTX161, which use the processor DVinci, odno-/dvuhpotokovuyu support broadcast video streams at resolutions up to 720×576 pixels. at 25 k / s formats H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG. Configured and managed video network server from a remote PC via a web browser or by using software NetStation Smartec brand or brands NetHunter Mitsubishi. STS-IPTX161 with the basic package of video analytics VCA presence of British and VCA Technology provides for installation of an expanded version of the VCA surveillance. STS-IPTX161 has a standard set of interfaces, including the power connector, RJ45 connector and BNC video connector to connect a surveillance camera. This server comes with a utility IPAdminTool, which it provides automatic detection when connected to the network.

Configure and view the video in real-time video server allows you to through a standard Web browser MS Internet Explorer. To ensure security video access to the network setting STS-IPTX161, as well as processing parameters and image transmission, password protected. To convert the video signal supplied to the video server connected to it analog camera into a digital format using new high-performance processor DVinci. Through the use of this processor, STS-IPTX161 able to compress video in 3 formats H.264, M-JPEG and MPEG-4, provide a translation of one or two configurable video streams with a resolution Full D1 (720×576 pix.), VGA (640×480), CIF (352h240) or QCIF (176×144) at up to 25 freymreyte / s and support the function of deinterlacing. Built-in video analytics package VCA presence, which delivered a series of video servers STS-IPTX161, to detect and classify the different objects in the frame, adapting the algorithms for analyzing video under light conditions. > offers on the topic..