Strategy Plan

With the integration of these factors you can identify the elements that will help you to establish your business strategy implementation techniques. Action: Define a Plan of action tactics to put into practice the Strategy Plan of action tactics should be structured through the identification of key milestones, which will set the actions to achieve them and thus implement a schedule of tasks. This work Plan should have a list of tasks, schedule dates, resources assigned to each task, schedule of activities, as well as the implementation of a clear and effective communication. The successful preparation of this Plan of action will allow to establish guidelines to be followed for the implementation of the strategy and the achievement of its objectives. RESULTS: Analysis of results and adjustments to the strategy and tactical Plan once carried the relevant tasks of the Plan of actions, it is an analysis of the results and adjustments to the implementation of the strategy, as well as the tactical Plan.

The analysis of the results will establish the compliance status of objectives, which can be determined from a scale of objectives rating management. A compliance with the milestones of the Plan of action tactics analysis will also be made. Finally a review is performed and adjustments to the strategy and tactics based on an update of the diagnosis. The ongoing development of new methodologies and organizational practices, makes that increasingly companies are exposed to new trends, practices and productivity tools. This is queD.O.S.A.R.

becomes an opportunity to make your company implement an effective methodology in creating strategies for the optimal development of commercial productivity of your business. Remember that sales is a profession, and as such has a high component of art, but increasingly it is necessary to include more science to achieve business objectives. Our recommendation is to implement D.O.S.A.R.haciendo using a system of SFA (Sales Force Automation) or sales force automation to achieve a greater impact on the results. For more details on how how a methodology can be applied in practice comoD.O.S.A.R. We invite you to visit our site to know the story of Mario, a successful professional seller. Original author and source of the article.