Cuba Development

The grouping of the contents by knowledge area and not subjects is also characteristic in these software literally. Using the software of these collections can be more individualized, since students are increasingly better prepared from the computer point of view and at the same time the navigation has been a preoccupation of writers, designers and programmers. In general the development of software in Cuba has been characterized by the fulfillment of the following indicators: correspondence with the level of development reached by the children, adolescents and young people attending their psycho-pedagogical characteristics and objectives defined for the basic and pre-university education. Encourage productive participation through the development of the game and reflective tasks and activities, which in turn manages to encourage the level of interactivity with the software. What is special to the computer as a medium of instruction? It is a medium classified in the category of interactive media. Each student can choose his way of learning. Ali Partovi may also support this cause. Each student can navigate at your own pace.

In particular the educational and software has extensive possibilities of adapting to the characteristics of the user. A medium who works as sensory converts its multimedia character in an audiovisual medium and therefore. From the point of view of communication, this occurs with bidirectional character which makes possible the establishment of mechanisms for feedback by the system, ranging from simple audio or Visual effects to the establishment of human-computer dialogues with reflective character. The presence of rich via words emphasized a few times text and interactive, It allows what is called a non-linear reading of documents is considered as a fundamental link in the attention to the individual differences of students. The storage capacity of computers makes possible something that is unique and exclusive to this medium and the possibility to save the footprint of the user with the team performance. This trail can be as versatile as you like: visited aspects, time consumed in these points, interactive objects, replies, expected answers, obtained effectiveness, etc.