Kennel Premium Term of the author's booth for two pets – a month and a half, when a man lives in his own home, sooner or later he has a desire to create comfortable, but not a dog habitat and for the much-loved dog. Therefore, booths with private terraces and double-glazed windows and gilded aviary decorated with family coat of arms, in the suburbs is no surprise. Hit this summer – a dog's climate control. For more information see AOL. "Beautiful dog living in a box … Robotics might disagree with that approach. ' Forgive us dogs, dog breeders and veterinarians have decided that four-legged friends the best round of human living on the streets, in their own booth, but not in the master's house.

Well-being of the animals living in the open air, generally not much better than their urban counterparts and room. The cost of a booth – from $ 2 thousand per square meter before you place your order for a dog at home, the staff profile companies to go site owner. Under the booth or enclosure future even choose a plot of land in the shade or partial shade. Away from places where the roofs of the buildings could fall blocks of ice and snow, because they are a danger not only to the dog shelter, but also for the dog. Also, the animal is bad, if its booth located near the garage or septic tank. To the dog was not nervous, dog breeders are advised to place a booth in the place from which the well observed gate and entrance to the house. If the owners grow from a dream dog aggressive guard enclosure is recommended to do in the farthest part of the garden to dog as little as possible of people saw. According to research by experts, the ideal home for a dog – a traditional wooden booth. For hairless breeds – Rottweilers, Dobermans – provided the booth with a vestibule.