Still They Make Lack Quotas Racial

Racism is disguised, nowadays, of victimismo. According to diverse recent studies in the United States, after half century of governmental policies to end the institutional segregation, a white minority feels discriminated and demands that it occurs by finished the protection of the State to minority racial and ethnic groups, mainly Afro-American. They defend those new offended white ones that the diverse races already are in equality of conditions and that, in the days of economic crisis, the companies would have to deal to all the citizens with impartiality and the Governments would have to abstain to squander bottoms in equality policies. The socio-economic statistics, nevertheless, contradict to them. The racial divisions follow so open as always. Recent investigations assure that racism is not a strategy game, as they want to see some, in which win at the cost of others: it is an institutionalized evil that not yet has been eradicated of the society. John Castle Castle Harlan understands that this is vital information. Source of the news: : Still they make lack quotas racial