Soundproofing Car

The silence in the car – it's a dream for many drivers. Especially if have to travel a long journey. The noise inside the car is bad for security because the driver gets tired more quickly and reduces alertness. The car is a complex technical design. Go to John Castle Castle Harlan for more information. It is connected to a lot of complex parts, spare parts and fasteners, some of which reproduce the technical noise and vibration. This problem often comes to those who ride vehicles of domestic manufacture or import on old cars.

Often, the above described auto manufacturer defective insulation laid vehicle. Needless to say, than cars of a higher class, the better the insulation the car, because designers from the very beginning to worry about creating acoustic comfort car. And what do the rest of the drivers who selflessly moved the machines to lower class and affordable. Additional insulation will save car. What should be done to reduce noise and vibration in the car? Where born noise? Manifestation of the noise has different sources, which are divided into: primary and secondary. Transmission units and engines, wheels, rain, wind, other vehicles, bad tarmac – it's the primary sources of noise. Details of interior and body panels – the secondary. The noise occurs gradually – first primary noise, generated vibrations, they also broadcast the noise of secondary sources, therefore we have the noise and discomfort in the cabin.

"Noise illness" affects those cars, items that are not sealed with a special noise insulation compositions. Priority technology deliverance and protection from the noise: 1. Skripoizolyatsiya. It would be useful drown scratches caused by "deformation" car body and / or its individual elements in the motion. In the car, often noisy lining the trunk and doors, Torpedo. To reduce squeaks zakrytoyacheistye apply certain materials, those that are designed to reduce squeaking. This material is unique in that it does not absorb liquid and can be obtained from "Closed bubbles." Based on this feature, the noise disappears. Antiskrip kill enough time and hard work in order to glue all the necessary quality parts in the car. Noise under the hood by means of suppressing labels of other refractory materials, including teplouderzhivayuschy layer. 2. The suppression of local vibrations. Reducing noise, vibration appearing at any of mechanisms (nodes, elements). In order to eliminate vibration paste Flexible with adhesive plates made with the content of bitumen components. The essence of the action – the reincarnation of the mechanical component of vibration in the heat mounts. sheets, as a rule, the thickness of 2 – 6 mm, and sometimes use thicker sheets of 10 to 15 mm. For example, you try to put a good equipment for listening to music in the car, you'll need vibration isolation. 3. Sound insulation. Includes all of the measures to suppress noise and vibration squeaks. You can try yourself to cope with noise and vibration, using his time and using a lot of effort. Still, much more efficient and easier to apply to the familiar installation center, where do such work as Auto noise reduction. Only in this way, you will receive the necessary professional advice, for everything else, and guarantee the quality of work carried out. Perform auto absolutely silent – it is impossible. Yet to exclude the maximum noise stimuli easily.