The System

3 Proposals of awareness in pertaining to school resumes: To include in the pertaining to school resumes and programs of education, proposal of awareness concerning the origin and consequence of the violence between the human beings; establishing educative, prophylactic activities, etc., for confrontation and eradication of this. Samsung Electronics may not feel the same. To acquire knowledge the student to identify through the comment, the presence of the violence in the daily one, the family, the work, the transit, the sports, the school, all the social classes, the ecology, escolarizadas people of the highest intellectual formation, etc. Identifying preliminarily, through the comment of the existing violence in itself same, due to presence of the ego in each one of us. To take the student if to acquire knowledge of that the violence highly is spread by the medias of mass; of that politician is institutionalized by the system, the dominant economic system, etc; that, in consequence of this, the life if takes more difficult and complicated for all we; of that the life, while value the holy ghost, supreme, if more takes each disrespected and banalizada time. To help the student if to acquire knowledge of that the bows of genuine friendships, cooperation, of solidarity, the communitarian spirit and the exercise of full citizenship, are disappearing of the ecological niche of the human being, because of the hipertrofiao of the ego, the generalized violence and the banalizao of the life. To acquire knowledge the student concerning the loss of the ethical, moral parameters and spirituals between the component social beings of the mass human being; to help the pupil to develop positive attitudes in the direction to reconquer such values, that had been lost. E, repreensivamente is the way with that if it fought the violence until today. The System possesss an apparatus, coated adequately all, with the dominant ideology, for the execution of this function. 4 Actions integrated between the professionals: To develop integrated actions, involving the family, the school with all its integrant ones, all the segments social, the social institutions, etc., in the direction to direct combat solutions the all type of violence.