Sony Ericsson

In this article we will look at China phone C5000. This article first describes the general characteristics and the model. In the second paper will be given a more detailed description of the functions of C5000. This model is a replica of the popular model of Sony Ericsson C5000 (Original – Sony Ericsson U1). It's safe to say that this phone is an example of Chinese quality products of Chinese manufacturers. First look at the performance – a copy of Sony Ericsson is executed at a high level.

All compound housing fit tightly C5000 and exactly the size of 3.2 inches touch screen is also made high quality, sensitive and do not raise any problems. At the front of the C5000 are three buttons for easy quick access to the list call and cancel the call the phone. On the back is the camera phone, which allows for both photography and video. Manufacturers C5000 possible to close the camera from damage cover. Also at the rear of the Chinese phone C5000 is a flashlight. On the end sides (left and right) are shortcut buttons control the phone – with volume control, camera button, connector for USB-cable.

From above Phone C5000 is a connector for charging (it is possible to connect the charger from the phone, Nokia) and a standard headphone jack 3'5, which is compatible with any standard headphones. Included is a copy of the Sony Ericsson C5000 pressing and holding the red power button. In operating mode, the phone using a single Chinese started on / off button the phone is locked.