Social Environment

Ego reflected the individual from the social environment in which It coexists interacting, it marks the true pattern of the formation of his personality. It is the reality with which humans identified socially. Every individual develops its optional capabilities depending on if the social environment in which you attempt to perform, whether you or not favourable. Everything depends on the mirror effect of the social environment from the perspective of the ego that changes direction depending on the origin of the egocentric nature of the personality reflected in society. Whole of society form, preconcibiendo and delimiting, the background of the nature of the human ego through the perception of positive or negative sentiment transmitted as a reflection of the social environment that identifies and tries to make every individual in mutual coexistence. The evil use that is made of all creativity is symptom of negativity that transmit all individual societies repressed and frustrated in all their political activities – employment-economic. The contingency of living together in society marks the spirit and the way of new generations. Instability and the risk is what drives human beings to fight or resign themselves to circumstantial adversity.

The fighting spirit of all individual arises from the need to rebel against a welfare state that in all aspects of their globalization creates a situation untenable and worrying. If the situation becomes sustainable everyone tends to feel protected by a system that hastened him, but fulfils part of its needs. Takes precedence over the economic interest to human rights to end up being subject to manipulation and exploitation of all social-politico system – financial. The basis of all communication and social relationship is based on a buroplutocratico system. Without good management systems and financial institutions advertising contributions could not be possible the existence and maintenance of a globalized in the virtual world network and telecommunications. The affordable cost of the interconnection of the Internet user is the regularizadora basis of the globalization of the network. Constructive or destructive creativity of consumerism of the virtual world in the integration of the new generations has made possible the great expansion and the spread of the world of the telecomunicaci0nes revolution. The fraudulent interest of the attractiveness of the communication and social relation at distance from the virtual world contrasts, driving off with the most noble and closer human relationship.