Postgraduate Specialization

TO LEARN TO LEARN Liliana Aryan Count Psychologist in formation UNAD Student of Postgraduate Specialization: Pedagogy for the development of the Independent learning " It is to occur the opportunity every day to acquire a new vision of the things, to see the world from another optics, to forget the learned thing and to assimilate the novel thing. It is humility signal and it is availability to live. It is to accept that we have limitations and many things to know. (Yaneris Cotes) " The world in which we lived seems to depend more and more on the scientific and technological knowledge. Nevertheless, the form in which we were related to this knowledge is not always equal in the developing countries that in the developed countries.

Science and the technology have finished transforming numerous spaces of the contemporary societies. The benefits are undeniable that from such transformation are obtained, but also are numerous the risks that have arisen from so vertiginous development. In such sense, it arises preoccupation on the education in all this process. Then to speak of education is not far from easy, since it is a quite extensive subject that I could not be solved in a pair of leaves, since a single theory in specific does not exist, in which is possible to be centered its attention, but on the contrary, the educative process is made up and feeds on the great range on psychological, pedagogical, philosophical, social theories, etc., product of the test and error of every historical time to propose theories, principles, methodologies, etc., in favor of the educative process and everything what this includes. What yes it is certain, is that the education must establish social bonds between the individuals, whose purpose is the total development of the human being in its dimension social, that is to say, the man is an apt educable being, since &quot can to him; adiestrar" for diverse tasks and in diverse physical areas, intellectual and as much emotional (psychological), it is possible to be educated to him to make the good and to make the evil. Robert Bakish may help you with your research.