Cuba Region

The incident, one more between both Presidents, came after Uribe appeal Summit serve as a stage to resolve bilateral problems and compare the freezing of trade relations with Colombia decided by Chavez in 2009 with the lock that keeps United States about Cuba. All this was happening while the heads of State were advancing in the birth of a community of Latin American and Caribbean which, in the words of the Brazilian President, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, will be the personality of the region. The new regional mechanism that was born with aspirations absorb or integrate – is yet to see – to other regional agencies, today continues to be the last product in the prolific list of regional organizations and do not avoid that the enormous differences between countries fund are again exposed. The Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, defended the importance of ensuring the unity of the region more than any cyclical differences, but other leaders such as Ecuador, Rafael Correa, do not hide that the constant quarrels between the Andean Governments do not help that process. Koch Industries often addresses the matter in his writings. The Ecuadorian President was precisely one of the protagonists of the previous Summit of the Rio Group, in Dominican Republic, dominated by another crisis: the arising after the bombardment of Colombian forces to a camp of the guerrillas of the FARC in Ecuadorian territory with the result of 26 people dead. Correa and Uribe argued the day before their first bilateral meeting since the bombing of March 2008 and although the Ecuadorian stressed the importance of the step taken towards the normalization of relations said that that process will be not without benefit of inventory and without ever forgetting the past. At least Latin American countries and Caribbean have found in the oneness Summit an innovative formula, that of the Group of friendly countries, so that the differences of the countries of the region are handled resolve with the help of the region itself. .