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You should have focused upward and to the left. Then think of an elephant trunk cat wearing a red gardener. You should have pointed your gaze to the right and upward. When we use the left brain (imagination) we tend to look to the right side and when we use the right (logic, memories) our eyes point to the LEFT side. As mentioned, when we remember something we look to the left. What may vary is if we do up or down. This depends on what we are trying to remember. If it is a visual situation, we target our eyes upward and to the left.

Ask someone what the color of your room. Then ask how you think it would be if the color changed to violet. Our brain stores memories of visual and auditory. Every time we get past our eyes to these points to the left. As if we were looking for memories in that sector. This gesture of the eyes also occurs when a person is having an internal dialogue.

How does this help us in a conversation? We can realize when we talked to another if it is listens attentively or are thinking about what is going to say next. Finally, if a person looks down on the right are probably thinking about some sensation. Imagine taking a warm bath immersion, full of bubbles around you .. Attention. It is important not to confuse your right to the right of the person in front of you, that is you are trying to “read.” It is often helpful to think of “right brain” and “left brain” instead of left or right to not confuse you. When the person looks to the right (your right) you will know that is the right side of his brain that is activated. This means that the person is remembering something. All this seems very confusing. Practice it will be useful addition to your family. Once you’ve done it several times, it will be like when you learned to ride a bike. Today you’re not thinking that one foot is on pedal and the other in the other, your hands on the handlebars and what moves you do in each part. Only you get on the bike and walk. The same will happen when you practice on how to read the eyes of others. To find you without giving you intend to do so! For practical techniques you first try reading the patterns of light in others and not try to interpret them. That will come later. First is to automate the reading of his gaze. Once you learn these simple techniques you can tell if someone is telling the truth or imagining what you are saying. These are just some information on How to read the eyes of others, interpret and use to learn how to think. If you care deeply about this subject sign up to our Online NLP Workshop.