Get Rid Of The Offenders

Too often in our path of life there are people who are trying every way to harm our reputation and position in society. Sometimes – the usual place, the angry feelings. Sometimes – we see potential competitors and rivals. Sometimes – it's trivial harm and cruelty, overflowing our surroundings. And there are times when we can not find a reasonable explanation for someone's aggression and hatred. Whatever the reasons and arguments are not advanced our opponents – the fact remains – we want to do harm, so – we need to deal with it.

I suggest you, proven and affordable way to cut off the enemies and protection from all sorts of attacks and harassment by your oppressors. To do this, you will need a large wax candle. If you can do it myself – do not neglect it. Any attribution made by you personally, much better and stronger than purchased with others hands. If this is not possible – hence, any suitable wax candle, including the church. Get a nominal icon of your opponent, a small hinged clasp and gypsy needle. Before you begin the ritual, light candle before the icon. It may be cardboard-like pocket calendar and a very small one.

Her condition and texture – do not play any role. Important in this process – its face, and belonging to a person's name, over which you work. Near the burning candle and a name of the icon, place an open lock, key and a needle. Let the candle is burned up about five minutes, so that it absorbed the emanation of the name of your mudslinger and identify with its image. Braise the candle with your fingers. Soften it into a ceramic dish on a steam bath and remove the wick. Blind by a doll with sex, relevant to your victim. In the manufacture of dolls represent his abuser. Breathe it in his soul, image and consciousness. Try to make a statuette of the symmetrical and beautiful. When the doll will be ready, draw the needle on her chest, the first letter of your enemy. The letter must be legible and easily readable. After that, pull on the neck of wax figurines lock and close the key. Speak of the clad doll words that carry your wishes and feelings regarding this man. When you're done, hide the figure in a dark place. Put it in my name icon, the face to the image of a sacred image. The ritual should be carried out at sunset. After performing all the manipulations, discard the key in big water. This could be a river or reservoir rates. If the body is unavailable, bury key in the ground and forget the way there. If you have a desire to liberate people from bondage, needle lock must have a meal with any tool, and a doll to melt. With proper and unhurried performing the ritual, your enemies will stop bothering you and correct all injustices committed against you as a person.