Wardrobe Space

Closet that is? How to choose him? Sliding doors are quickly into use in our lives, as All 'new – is well forgotten old ". Sliding doors – a new technological solution, with advanced design and multifunctional task. The best solution to wardrobe for small spaces, living rooms, offices, and even offices. For the closet does not require huge space for installation, but it fit perfectly into the interior of your apartment. As select wardrobe?. Wardrobe – this is the most common storage system, and most importantly practical, and has no analogues in any small space.

The main advantage of the closet – this is the door opening is not customary for us by, and specifically have a way of opening in the form of 'compartment'. A feature of such doors, unlike the swing is that it is unnecessary to open space, while minimizing room for him in the apartment. Above all, There are also built-in wardrobes, placing a closet in the free niche, you will visually increase the space in your home. Apply wardrobe is possible in a room or hall, as well as in children, because the presence of sets of shelves and drawers, you can have a huge amount of clothing or unnecessary things. When choosing a cabinet, first measure the space in which intend to put it, for size wardrobe adjusted specifically to your measurements, your premises. Material for izgotovlyaniya wardrobe recruited the best mechanism for opening the doors in the cabinet, is a mechanism that consists of a metal roller mechanisms, they give the soft sliding doors.

Also on these mechanisms are largely determine the so-called tape-brush (it gives the effect of soft closing doors, but also protects against dust, inside the cabinet). Warranty service for these materials, the producers set from 1 to 5 years (depending on the manufacturer) The important role played by the same door okaymovka ends, they can be both steel and aluminum, and more prestige – from the tree. Internal filling wardrobe can be different: consisting of shelves, drawers drawers, baskets and much more, but most interestingly, the inner content of the cabinet you are free to think, and you will fill in your requirements. The frame of cabinets made from particleboard, MDF, etc. This material is reliable, durable, and above all inexpensive (only ask the seller a certificate of conformity for the maintenance of formaldehyde). Sliding doors you can choose between a closed, glass or mirror. Covering the walls at the wardrobe is made from veneer or laminate. In these cases, such materials are high quality and durable. Only the best!