Mounting Tegular

The technology provides a powder coating uniformity of application layer and helps to create a perfectly smooth surface. Usually dlinnopanelnye cassettes are available in standard white color, but at the request of clients covering may have a variety of shades that can implement any design project. Metal tapes are performed in several different configurations for different types of suspension systems. Mounting Tegular by using the suspension system Bandraster C-BR. Profiles of the ceiling is slightly recessed relative to the surface of the panels. The same grid system Bandraster C-BR. used for device-type ceiling Planeben. However, in this case, the panels are mounted "flush", flush with established framework.

Type of fastening systems used to Aufliegend Bandraster T-BR. Dlinnopanelnye tapes are stacked in such a way that is based on elements of the suspension system. Klemm-Klapp – the type of concealed grid system in which the panel fitted with special clamps. Dlinnopanelnye tapes are widely used in rooms of various types, but they have become most popular in the design of corridors and small rooms of a width not exceed 2.4 m. This is the length of the standard modules are made of aluminum or galvanized steel.

Using tapes dlinnopanelnyh indoor hallways or small avoids suspension systems are limited to Angle trim, fixed along the walls. This method of mounting the ceiling saves time and money, and the result satisfies the requirements of the most discerning consumers. The ceilings of dlinnopanelnyh tapes have proven to be durable, reliable, aesthetic, not requiring additional repair and maintenance. If necessary, they are easily demountable, allowing access to space and zapotolochnomu held therein communications. Universality of the modules you can use them in areas with unstable humidity and temperature changes, and the high product quality guarantees a long service life.