Domestic ISPO

For enthusiasts who enjoy tinkering with their own hands and do the housework on their own selection of quality tools is often a decisive factor for the tasks. We all know that a reliable tool allows you to solve problems and implement the planned projects with ease and greater efficiency. Tools to maintain a household in working condition and diverse numerous. However, there are those tools that you simply must have, because they can always come in handy especially when you're doing some repairs. One example of such an instrument from the category of "mast keV – Must be "a set of threading dies and taps. These kits allow you to repair the torn and bolts jammed inside the thread, pins and restore rare nuts that you can not buy.

With a set of hand, you have no need to run to the store in case of damage to the thread to buy a new bolt – you can easily restore a damaged fitting. Accordingly, if no such there in your household – you need to buy a set of dies for metric thread and add to it a set of taps to repair screw holes. Here are some recommendations on the selection and purchase household tools: – Decide what type Dice you need. Remember that there are at least two of the most common standard thread – metric and inch, but in Russia the more common Standard Metric thread, and consider it (unless of course you do not own an American car). – Cutting edge metric plate has tapered blade. This is the most commonly used type of chaser (also called dice).

Choose a type blades of your threading tool as the most common. – Thread on the plate should be full, that is to have a triangular profile in the last thread blades. This can ensure that you easily screwed the nut on the restoration of your thread. – Avoid buying the first set, which you saw. Remember that these kits may be too expensive. Before making a purchase, compare the other proposed options and first compare prices from different manufacturers. Often it may happen that you overpay for only promoted brand or trademark. – Always check the contents of the set, even if it is sealed – marriage and the lack inherent in our time. Do not pay for the set without checking the contents. Checking the clarification will help avoid an unpleasant situation with the seller. – If you only need one size plate or tap – try to find it separately (in a blister). Buying the whole set can be uneconomic, because of its high cost. And in conclusion I would like to add – trust your recommendations of friends and acquaintances already bought similar sets of threading tools. Often it is the deciding factor in choosing a set of metric dies for use in the home – learn from others' mistakes and experience. Choose only quality tools for home and it will serve you for a long time without damage or failure.