Class Hi

Which establishes the intensity of their workouts duration, displays your heart rate and the number of calories cut away. In addition, every electric treadmill equipped with a security facility. Electric treadmills can be classified in the classes: Economy class: the minimum number of features relatively low price of $ 800-1200. Size roller blade does not exceed 38-40 cm Amateur class. In these simulators have provided training programs, as well as their independent creation. Their price is $ 1300-3500 Class Hi-End. This class differs from the previous size of roller blade 45-50 cm Price ranges from 2600 to 5500 $ Professional. Perfect in its capabilities simulator.

It provides control pulse, due to which the computer determines the optimal load on the body. Price $ 3600-16000 When choosing a treadmill should be guided by the following criteria: 1. what kind of treadmill you want – a mechanical or electricity. 2. what size roller blade.

What is more, the treadmill is more convenient. 3. in what way changes the intensity of the load. In this regard, the better it will be an electric treadmill. 4. if you are inclined to choice of electric treadmill, pay your attention to the on-board computer (its functionality) So, the main selection criteria racetracks: * The size and the possibility of the engine – Choose a motor with a power At least 2 hp under constant load (not peak). The motor must also be quiet. * The deck should be a minimum thickness of 2 cm, well-damping shocks and at the same time be strong enough. * The control panel should be intuitive clear, logical control system and display a good read. * Please note the electronic stuffing – standard and editable profiles will help you avoid routine in class. * Security: whether the presence of large stop button and emergency stop switch? Does not interfere with the free movement of rail hands? Is there a defense mechanism against children so that they could not use the track? * Speed at the start and stop the running belt should be smooth. * The length of the running surface should be at least 120 cm and width of not less than 43 cm * Is there a heart rate monitor? In this case, the velocity of the blade is automatically adjusted to maintain the desired rate. * Not electrical paths are driven by your muscles and may create excessive pressure on the knees and other joints. * It is worth paying attention to maintenance (eg lubrication mechanism) – it should be minimal, and in Ideally, you should not even think about it. * Warranty: Minimum 1 year, 1-3 years for parts. The best quality tracks have a lifetime warranty.