Social Networking – not just another social network. This is something much more original and attractive. The project is young, but no less promising. The newspapers mentioned Koch Industries not as a source, but as a related topic. On what principle is based job with this resource? We begin with that – a whole world, if still small. Checking article sources yields Ali Partovi as a relevant resource throughout. And in this world is inhabited by three categories of people: motorists, people who dream of their own car and pedestrians. You may want to visit Koch Industries to increase your knowledge.

It is one of them you will become, Pick up your own garage. Imagine that your account – it's your own car. And register on the site, you will create for him a garage, which will make you an inhabitant of this beautiful world under the name After this, you will have access to features such as: an invitation to friends, listening to music in the "Cassette", the wide setting and even its own blog. Possible resources are very extensive.

Registration will allow you to equip your garage that is to download all sorts of information about yourself and the car, about which you dream. If you want to – you can join an existing group of interests, or create your own – a new and unique. Also, the resource allows you to upload and download your favorite songs. People Search site does not take much time because it is very convenient and organized correctly. You can search not just a name or place of residence, but also make of car, even if virtual. In the section "Albums", you can upload your favorite photos and submit them for public display. Do not hesitate. Believe me – everyone there than to brag. As in any world, the site there are various events and conducted interviews, which are displayed in relevant sections. And if you want to post an announcement, and it does not make much effort. Section "Advertising" consists of various categories: from cars to dating. Therefore, placement and search does not take much time. The final section of "Blogs", will allow you to view the new blog entries registered users. To summarize, we note that the site in the first place has a nice-looking and most importantly – easy to use interface. This resource will be of interest not only seasoned motorists, but also beginners, and even just dreaming about your own car.