The English Language

No, this is not the choice of teaching and methodology. It is very important to have the whole purpose. What do you think, what a student can learn computer literacy course that is sure that he knows everything about computers? A guy on the driving courses and classes that something had brought a personal driver? Probably, this will be the worst students in class and a big headache for teachers. So it is with language. If your goal is very vague, if you're vaguely imagine why you need English, the best teachers in the world, most English environment will not be able to work a miracle – it is unlikely you will know the language well and are unlikely to learn it quickly. Remember, as in the story of a famous comedian – through a couple of years living in the United States Russian resentment, why the local police still did not learn Russian! Education is usually associated with the assimilation of facts, facts, facts memorizing, rote, and the ability to rapidly respond to Asked Questions: "The elephant tusk two.

How many tusks of an elephant? "-" Two tusks! "But," teach "robots or computers. In humans, the problem is more complex. Person motivated by a desire to know, not just throw facts, like search system. As for learning English, it is often the courses require knowledge of grammatical rules. What usually happens at the end of this academic marathon? You have a full head of rules, well you pass the exam, but you leave in real life and worry their failure when it comes to practical application of their knowledge – it is very difficult to communicate. Not always in the absence of guilty purpose. On the other reasons for failure will talk pages future articles. But it is important to grasp the main thing: you have a good understanding of why you need English.

And if you need English to communicate with friends or partners, no matter – either orally or in writing, it is worth paying attention to the course 'English as a second Language "in" applied education ". If you see the goal here will help you cope with obstacles and you will be able to believe in themselves. After all, this course is adjusted in accordance with technology training and move on it you can very quickly. Set goals and achieve them!