Juan Manuel Manes

It is indicated, that it is not necessary to forget, that the responsibility of a manager requires of a performance that is efficient and effective simultaneously although the efficiency is more important but the effectiveness is more decisive, by such reason can be said, that the manager must evolve with high levels of efficiency to be able to fulfill the drawn up goals. The educative managers they must establish priorities and systematize the resources available obtaining an optimal operative and administrative operation of the institution that directs the educative managers they must be open to the changes, cannot close itself to the opportunity to advance in the educative context to be able to fight by the use of an effective, free management of political dogmas and centralist manipulations, where is to give relevance him to the idea of an efficient, full educative management of new features and original knowledge able to transform the educative surroundings into high productivity and advance of Male the Ruperto institution, he indicates, that Juan Manuel Manes, he contributes a concept that which deserves to analyze envelope denominates educative institutional gerenciamiento and says is: " Process of conduction of an educative institution by means of exercise of a set of directive abilities oriented to plan, to organize, to coordinate and to evaluate the management strategic of those activities necessary to reach pedagogical effectiveness, administrative efficiency, communitarian effectiveness and cultural importance. " As it can be appraised, the pedagogical management and the administrative management project to tie with the community, with a cultural dimension that must reach lasting fruits in the people and the human groups. As well, Otoniel Alvarado Oyarce maintains, that " the management basically, is an administrative function, of professional, inherent nature to a directive position. Therefore, the exercise of this position implies a personal series of qualities and exigencies, mainly a set of specific attitudes that favor to him for the successful conduction of the functions that this position entails.