With this, each individual will feel better and it could be arranged to pay an extra money if their more important desires are satisfied and if note that has existed one more a more special and customized attention. is necessary to consider the new approach of customization that talks about to reach a more and more deep knowledge of each client, to know its needs and it has why them, it is demonstrating that he is more advantageous to sell to a client all the products to him that are possible, so that the yield does not come from many clients total or partially not known, but of that receive not only many of our products, but also a customized attention. Conclusions In the trade one by one the clients are individual way, starting off of the premise that the clients, given their particular characteristics, differ to each other, and what to one she perhaps satisfies to the other no. In order to obtain that idea is transformed lasting relations and loyal clients. The clients can be very different, and such differentiation can be based on two affirmations: The clients have a value different, they are more valuable for the company that others. The clients have different needs that they can be satisfied by the company. This deserves that the company directs to its efforts in the obtaining of majors advantages through the most valuable clients, as well as is required to adapt the conduct of the company according to the individual needs of each client. The degree of differentiation of the base of clients will allow to decide that type of strategy is more advisable.