Situation Universe

This person is not in charge of their employment situation. Who or that he is in charge of the situation in all these cases? That is what determines the fate of these people? It is perhaps lucky, environment, society, people with whom they coexist? All the responsibility is of those same people. All the responsibility rests with themselves. Full responsibility rests with your subconscious mind. People are what we are, we have what we have, we do what we do and take things as we take them, thanks to our subconscious programming. Our subconscious determines the things that happen to us. Our subconscious determines our wealth, our luck, our power.

We are then bound to our destination? We are then at the mercy of our subconscious. The answer to the first of this questions is that we are not tied to our destinations. We can customize it to your own liking. The answer to the second is Yes. If we are at the mercy of our subconscious. And, it is that our subconscious builds up our universe. Everything you perceive is his creation.

The positive side of this situation is that while we are tied to the programming of our subconscious, we all have the power to reschedule our subconscious. We can not change our dependence on our subconscious, but if we can reprogram and cause changes in our universe, to our own liking. The subconscious is super powerful. It creates our reality. However cannot create anything if same. You need to be programmed. Actually is our slave, who gladly will give us everything we ask, if we ask it the right way. Why then people don’t get everything what they want if the subconscious creates our universe and our slave is? Simply because people do not know the language of the subconscious. They don’t know how to ask. They don’t know how to order it.