The Shower

Life forces harden their hearts and angry with the whole world, but when you start look into their eyes in their wrinkled faces me personally is a sense of joy! I see that their soul is young, and they are happy, no matter what, and their childhood is near! They enjoy life, laugh at the problems on his aging over all this evil world! And I'm happy for them, it is a pity that these children are now beginning to grow stale and soul to say goodbye to my childhood a lot earlier than their age passes this trait. We blame everyone and everything in the circle itself, the problems humanity in their own problems, and it is neither of which did not do to solve these problems! But our children are growing up in this world and it is in these issues We deny them the most expensive – of their own childhood. When I begin to think about the future, I, frankly, is frightening! What will happen to my children as they grow up, if they can live their lives with dignity? I can not give answers to all these questions! Raising children does not depend only from family but from society, but for him I'm scared I would not want my children to grow up in such a society! We lived up to the 21 st century we have a lot of different techniques and different gadgets, we have everything you need for perfect existence, but Here's kindness and warmth is becoming smaller. People go back to childhood to remember what you were there happy and carefree, get in the shower children donate part of his warmth to others. And then our children will be children, and their childhood will walk alongside them and help to cope with problems and failures no matter what happens! In the words of Leopold cat in my favorite cartoon: "Guys let's live together!"