State Things

I leave these basic tips for you to work in your process of self-acceptance: 1. the first thing you have to make is to identify which is the drawback you have with respect to your acceptance is your body, your feelings, your emotions, your ideas. 2 If your body is what you could do is evaluate part by part your body to detail not altogether, don’t say things like I am very thin or I am very fat I don’t like and point no.Ponte in front of a mirror and watch your hair, your eyes, your arms and your whole body as well.And so recognize that what you see is not ugly as you think, maybe you have beautiful eyes, beautiful hair.You’ll see some things that you don’t like too but not you criticaras altogether understand. You will have to take into account that there will be things that you can not change for example the stature or the size of your ears. 3.

If your emotions are feelings that don’t leave you move what I recommend is that you have at hand a pocket book and notes each thing that bothers you it, analyzes the because, look if they have solution or not. What could you do? or how you can solve it, is not just thinking but find the best answer that makes you feel peaceful, it is necessary to take the letters in the issue. Respondete these questions. You have the power to leave the State of low self-esteem in which you find yourself. Forget about passivity, it takes action because you’re the only one capable of changing or improving the negative aspects that affect you in life.