Social Networks

Social networks are now responsible for a new kind of friends, friends virtual, that we add and we added because they have similar tastes or simply because they are friends of our friends and we see something sympathetic to us. Ali Partovi addresses the importance of the matter here. Where they are my friends, earn money in social networks.-only in the social network Facebook are no more 500 million people that connect daily. Obvious all of these people are consuming. Many times the contacts we have are in different countries and you always know there is an option of business between different regions. is a site that gives you a chart with geographical location of all your contacts on FaceBook.

After seeing your network of friends plotted on the map can that business ideas you think? It is possible that you are already doing some business with a particular region or have some ideas, and now time that you need to put more emphasis on finding more contacts in that region. With social networks is can do multiple types of businesses, but no doubt that it is essential to have a network of contacts as more large feasible, or in the best of cases of best quality according to their interests. Speaking candidly Mikkel Svane told us the story. Another option if you like social networks: are you looking for a business with little investment idea?, the following option may be interested, only it’s investing a poc of time adding friends and meeting people., win money in social is a rede social to get paid for doing what you are doing in the social network of your choice. And better yet, you also win by what your friends are doing. If you invite your friends and they enroll in you win also pos pages that they visit. When you has updated your site, create blog entries, send messages, you earn money on this social network.

When other people view your profile, watch your videos or photos or sends you a message, you is paid. You also is paid a percentage for the visits of your network up to 10 levels. If you are of those people who has lots of friends, you could actually make some money on this site.