SEO Easy

In recent years, the popularity of Internet has required each company to start your own website to have a significant presence on the net and elsewhere. Each year, millions of websites are discharged, they develop, and live a successful evolution of a user community around them. Others including Pete Cashmore, offer their opinions as well. Other sites, however, they die. Continue to learn more with: Donald W Slager. What is the difference between them? What factors might be determining life and death of a Web site? First, the design of web pages related to the area of SEO is a joint endeavor where competition for web designers, or what I prefer to call 'the architects of the web page', must work hard to bring his ideas and designs that are aesthetically appealing and relevant at the same time. There must be a careful examination of the ability to navigate the website, and it appeals to a wide variety of visitors and is in the right place for that kind of web. The implementation of visual design attraction is easy with the many technological advances available today, but the problem with these developments is that they are sometimes very difficult to use so that the design of the website is both enjoyable, easy to navigate and easy to found on the web.

Therefore, a web design that takes into account the optimization of the site on search engines should be easy to use and friendly to human and robotic explorers. Secondly, ease of navigation of the site is the difference between life and death, as if the navigation is complicated, the visitor is removed from the site, and you will lose the purpose of the visit results, namely the purchasing goods and services. Easy navigational access can be achieved through a web page design easy to understand, with clear buttons, large and eye-catching labels and understandable. The photos and images on the SEO web design should be the size and scale necessary to allow users to view quickly after click, instead of taking a very long time to load, and to wait for downloading images and graphics for a long time may deter most visitors and ultimately lead them to another site that is more optimized and easier to see . Conclusion: Even the robots and crawlers will flee quickly from a website design that is easy to enter and is not easy to navigate