Rational Tools

An ideal tool for organizing software development does not exist (see table). Most producers of such commercial tools are not set, providing complete coverage of all processes, and nonprofit tools are not without drawbacks, as not being able to call them perfect. Therefore, when choice of instruments would often have to compromise, agreeing to a minor inconvenience for the main benefits for which it was conceived, and the entire project. Speaking of decisions, covering all development processes, we note the following. As the features of ibm Rational tools can be noted excessive academic facilities. They just scare away many of its fundamental nature, which is ideal for large companies, but is often excessive for the small.

Free of all good, except that they are composed of disparate tools that you need to integrate with each other for a holistic result. And this, as a rule, programming, and as a consequence, the additional costs. Conclusion Briefly summarize the main idea of this approach, it should be noted, both positive and negative side of it. Advantages: Classic consulting project often involves an initial and rather long-term audit, which could be for a wide range of clients from among the software companies serious argument "against" in decision-making process on the implementation tools, implementation of automation tools software development processes in the classical model projects for making organizational changes is the final step; lack of visibility of the practical results of the first stages of project implementation is demotiviruyuschim factor for project participants on the implementation of the client company, having sufficient experience in implementing, consulting company may in the early stages of implementation to offer pre-defined configuration, and plans to integrate solutions that, on the one hand, give an opportunity to fairly rapid implementation, and on the other delay in the details a negative effect on the duration of the project. In this fast, the project seeks to become a classic – extended, use practices and rapid implementation of adaptation tools automating software development processes within the company to existing client processes and methodologies can not only reduce the project for the introduction of specialized software, but also leads to a deeper involvement Professional customer in the process of amending the development stage.