Martin Heidegger

But what it is essence? The essence has broken of the question ' ' what? ' ' , for example, when asking ' ' what he is the man? ' ' we indicate as reply that it is ' ' one to be racional' ' , or when we answer that the man is ' ' image and similarity of Deus' ' thus indicating its it substantiates, or when we agree frivolous that the man is ' ' evolution of primatas' ' we affirm its existence proceeding from an occured evolution to perhaps of the events. When agreeing that the man is a mentally ill being, we are confirming that the man is the result of a process of distanciamento of itself exactly or that it is a slave by its very nature. To say that the man is mentally ill is to consider as essence of the man the slavery and to discard the freedom possibility, but this nor the philosophers of the alienation considered for not desiring if to fit in the condition of mentally ill. The essence of the man is not the slavery and yes the freedom, if we have perhaps that to call a slavery situation we cannot limiting this condition to the mere one of the alienation, the slave if only perceives slave does not possess the necessary ways its freedom already the mentally ill one nor as such is capable of if perceiving what it becomes it a voluntary slave without if it perceives as enslaved, thus being would be more for men without soul, done beings of plates and programmed electronic circuits for a definitive action that human beings that they dream, think, imagine, reason and create. To consider the human being as to be mentally ill is one confronts to ' ' ser' '. For Martin Heidegger ' ' ser' ' it is always the being of a being; the being is everything what he has felt it to be.