Internet Control Server

Work with the division of users is carried out both in groups and in the range of IP addresses assigned to a specific user, it is also possible to use a static IP address, endowed with a certain rights, for example, the administrator group. Management is performed through a single web – interface. Installing the software automatically, and automatically installs and configures the operating system FreeBSD and the whole set needed to run applications. It is worth noting that the Internet Control Server is suitable for use in the same local network as well as in more complex systems. Thus, when used in a single local area network, a typical configuration, the most common in small companies with small or average number of employees. This is the most standard use of the product in which the server is connected either to modem with an Ethernet port or Ethernet port directly to the provider. Some companies within the core network VLAN. In this case, besides the basic functions of an application can act as a router between virtual networks, by configuring virtual interfaces.

When using the VPN network, the Internet Control Server can also be configured for remote company offices, over VPN, and parallel to the main task of working with a local network of the headquarters. At the same time, allocating access rights, it is possible to create a secure data channel between geographically dispersed offices of the company. So , when using a single solution can ensure safe operation of the network within a variety of scenarios and with the use of multiple options. In particular, using the same IP-address provided by your ISP monitor multiple computers on a network, because as a result, Internet access is centralized through the Internet Control Server. IRS recognized product of the Year Softool 2010" – award which is given to leading the industry development companies, which submitted the most promising and exciting software products.

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