Indeed Wins

In the categories design and functionality for the award for the Landmann Grill Pantera was designed by INDEED, VitrA Faucetserie convinced the young design company from Hamburg the renowned plus X award of this time for the bathroom fixtures T4 “awarded by VitrA. The Faucetserie convinced in the categories of design and functionality. “The charm which is T4 models according to the industry-independent jurors in the exceptional design and chrome-plated surface, which the series to a real eye-catcher in the bathroom” make. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Asaro is the place to go. Today, bathrooms are a place of relaxation, which satisfies highest demands thanks to high-quality equipment. Therefore we developed a faucet from the water such as from a waterfall flows, so as to create a real bad experience”, explains Karel J. Golta, CEO of INDEED, the success of T4. For years, INDEED belongs to the design teams that make the brand VitrA. So, for example, the faucets models were pure and style X, as well as the classy bathroom accessory series Somnia created at the Elbe. Please visit Charles Koch if you seek more information.

The plus X award: With more than 130 jury members from 32 Nations is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle plus X Award today. Newly developed and innovative technologies, exceptional designs and smart and simple operating concepts will be awarded. For a product is eligible to participate at all, it must be extremely high quality and also durable, functional and decorated on the amount of time. Is the ultimate criterion for granting so-called plus X factor ‘, the added value that can be a product of others stand out. INDEED: Indeed was founded at the end of 2010 by Karel J. Golta and specializes in the areas of brand innovation, industrial design, engineering and structural packaging.

The head office is Hamburg, another Office is located in Munich. The company employed from the start to 16 employees, including designers, engineers, social and economic scientists. For Innovations at the pulse of time and above all market and target groups, manage trend and user research professionals. Furthermore assumes indeed few companies that operate in these areas, the engineering itself as one and stands for technically feasible product developments which are accompanied to the market completely.