How to Quit Smoking

Smoking – a serious problem that threatens the health of the smoker and people close to him. Many drugs can not help get rid of nicotine addiction. How does quitting smoking? The method of Voronezh Vyacheslav Zakharov psychologist is fundamentally different from other ways and affects not only the physiological but also psychological reasons for smoking. It is known that a return to the pernicious habit of frequently often occurs due to feelings of emptiness and lack of the usual positive emotions, which had been caused by a cigarette. According to research by Zakharova, smoking cessation should be implemented slowly and deliberately. That is only after a smoker wants to quit the CAM and take some steps in this direction.

Go to the special cigarettes and compliance with certain methodological rules makes smoking out of step Fun in the stage of process control. The cigarette is no longer a psychological need to smoke itself is meaningless. Each of the visual markers of cigarettes is divided into three levels – the least dangerous, dangerous area and increased risk. This allows you to visually see how increasing the hazards of smoking, depending on its duration. The composition of natural tobacco cigarettes is a special type of low nicotine content. The patented technology for manufacturing of cigarettes and a carefully selected composition contribute to changing tastes and habits. Cigarettes Zakharova – this is not a single exotic goods, and part of a complete and effective exchange rate of smoking cessation. Each kit contains 4 packs of cigarettes, a book by VM Zakharov, with detailed advice and a short step by step instructions.

Effects on the body * Helps to escape from nicotine dependence. * Creates a mechanism of conscious control over smoking. * Reduces the number of cigarettes smoked. * Normalize the nervous system. * Reduces irritability and nervousness. Health say thank you! This product is presented in numerous exhibitions – both domestic and foreign. Cigarettes Zakharov was awarded many medals, both in Moscow at the Exhibition Center, as well as in Brussels, at the World Exhibition inventions. International Salon of inventions, new technology and products repeatedly conferred product 'cigarette Zakharova' coin of various denominations.