Hang Mouldings

I do not believe that you never had to hang shelves or baguettes in the apartment. In my apartment a few walls made of gypsum. Peter Asaro has much experience in this field. So-so stuff, but it can sometimes do even without a drill, a hammer. But when it As for the windows, every time the question arises: "How to drill?" That was then, and remembers a roaring thresher. Remember with sadness, because for several years now I dream about it, but could not bring myself to buy. There are several reasons. First, the size and weight of the tool.

How to think of it, where in the apartment to keep this monster? The basement is terrible – dampness and rodents. In the apartment without him closely. The thought occurs to choose something universal. To drill and and chisel, and unscrew the screws can be. But it turns out, it's hard.

Even the smallest drill should be held with two hands. For drills need to purchase a special adapter. And you want to overpower the kid concrete, can not silenok enough. About the heavy machinery to even think you do not want – the piston, transmissions and other swear words. No, it's not for me. It is hoped the Japanese and Chinese. Some come up, others make. Just amazing how they manage to make such a compact instrument without compromising power. But the convenience has a price. And if you pay, then again you want to get a universal tool. And again: "This song is good – start over again." And most importantly I not alone. Here people are writing about the same punch. By the way, overseas family perforators divided into classes and instruments referred to in different ways. Hammer drill – perdnaznachen for chiselling with vrascheniem.Rotary hammer – use the same principle, but by a piston mechanism. Roto-hammer, impact drill, Rotary hammer drill, masonry drill – try to see what's what in this variety.