CCS Vehicles

The automobile industry is threatening to crumble and requires the intervention of the same States that vetoed the power of regulating and monitoring on behalf of the common good. Citizens than with their taxes, they argue the Exchequer that now are asking to go to the aid of those responsible for a global crisis. The sector is in the hands of a fortnight of corporations that 92% of the world market share. They have followed the path of the dinosaurs and now are asking that we saciemos their greed. They produce nearly 100 million vehicles per year, in 300 factories in some 30 countries.

But global needs do not exceed 60 million vehicles, and about 30 million that overflow the stores are not sold and a sea of vehicles extends under the Sun by the surroundings. Hence the need to shut down a hundred of those three hundred factories, especially in the more affluent countries because it has no longer one of the engines of the world economy. They grew at a faster rate than the market thanks to the publicity and the greed of the bankers who held them. Millions of people are sent to stop flooding forecasts of social aid and declare their victims when they have been responsible for this global disaster affecting innocent people who already know with the billions of dollars contributed by the States to the recovery of those offenders bonuses and exorbitant salaries, would have been able to eliminate hunger, common illnesses, ignorance of all human beings who need it. What shocked people is the become inoperative or unusable and ineffectiveness of the supranational institutions have given us to be able to live in societies under the chairmanship of Justice, freedom and solidarity that are, rather than G.M. who are necessary for the welfare of mankind. Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus of the UCM.