Air Conditioner

The air conditioner of automobile auto air-conditioning compressor compressor is the most important component of the cooling circuit. Transforms the mechanical power provided by the engine and converts it into cooling energy, so it sucks the refrigerant fluid compresses you and incorporates him into the cooling circuit. The gas is drawn in by the compressor from the evaporator and propels it into the condenser. In this process, the refrigerant gas increases the pressure and temperature. The compressor sucks gas formed by a crankshaft that is attached to a pulley where receives the force of movement of the car engine. The compressor is attached directly on the engine block, and is usually powered by the auxiliary strap that moves other elements of the car such as the alternator. It is very important the Assembly make a correctly because if not the anchors of the air conditioning compressor may break and cause a considerable fault. On the crankshaft go together all the components, connecting rods, Pistons, etc.

Logically, move Pistons in cylinders that are in the body of the compressor. The valve plate is located on the Pistons and these are covered by a cap called stock. Compressor, sucks evaporator the refrigerant vapour at low pressure and low temperature and compressed to a higher pressure and higher temperature. Air conditioning in vehicles compressors differ among other features by: pulley, clutch, brand, model, type of subject to engine, electrical connector and connections to the refrigerant circuit. Compressors often vane or piston, usually. It is suitable in the winter time put in time when the air conditioning system so that the refrigerant and refrigerant oil to circulate and maintain as far as possible the seal lubricated compressor and thus prevent its breakdown. We can do this action especially when vehicle crystals fogging and in a few seconds will be completely clean.