Buying Advice

What is to keep in mind when selecting the poles. A ski equipment should be high-quality as possible for reasons of safety and tailored to the size and capabilities of the driver. With the purchase of ski sticks, Ski Pole length plays an important role. The proper length can be determined in two ways. Mathematically calculated, one simply multiplies the height by a factor of 0.7, and receives the appropriate Ski Pole length. To buy the ski poles in a ski shop, you can take a test as well. In the straight position, while keep the ski pole with the handle down and includes him on the tip of the ski pole above the plate.

The forearm should then, if you set the handle to the floor, parallel to the ground. You should never buy a short ski pole, while you can just shorten a long ski stock. The material very affected the quality of the ski poles. The ideal pipe must be stable, rigid and light and should have a good damping. Taking into account this Criteria are currently the best choice ski poles made of carbon. Thanks to the carbon fibers, the sticks are light, very stiff and have a good damping characteristics. Carbon ski poles are relatively expensive and who wants to spend as much money, who can rely on canes heat-treated aluminum. They have a relatively high stability and flexibility, depending on the purpose it can be selected whether the ski pole should be more flexible or stable.

Not the cheap ski poles from simple aluminium are recommended, because they bend very quickly. Also, the handles are an important factor. Simple plastic handles are not recommended, you should fall back on Grummigriffe because they are handy and better dampen vibrations.