By the way, this place name is not fictitious. Tatooine – one of the Berber villages of the south. Order bored us soon gives way to the bus and off-road jeep safari begins with the ultimate goal of which is the location filming of the village farmers and city where they lived, and Anakin Skywalker. It's hard to talk about affiliation of these buildings to the scenes taken separately, because, as we have explained, much of the movie was to finish with the help of computer graphics, expanded, enlarged. From the handful of houses were made streets and squares.

For filming used the already existing hotel, styled dwelling Berbers, his visit to our program, unfortunately, was not included. From the main road to the scenery of the area stretches used in the scenes of racing platforms. Just think of it, it turns out those boulders protruding from the ground, were not fiction. Jeep subscribed bends at right angles to the steep and steep dunes. Our driver deftly maneuvered between the stones, hewn by wind and sand.

This can be experienced only once, you feel super overload. How did the young Anakin mastered? Tatuinsky city reminded me more African kraal, a settlement circular shape with a big courtyard. It consisted of 10 -12 buildings (the exact number I do not remember), their height is approximately 6.3 meters. Manufactured homes and other premises tatuintsev on conscience, as in any way are over 30 years. We came to the conclusion that they are based on metal frames, the frames, lies an impressive layer of concrete mixed with sand to make the similarity with the surrounding terrain.