ResiGo Hotel Software

ResiGo facilitates the booking customers complain many hoteliers who himself, before sheer bureaucracy any time for the most important keep them in their profession: Guest Relations. With the ResiGo hotel software that is now different. All of the day-to-day hotel business tasks quickly and easily with this software. You benefit as a hotelier, inter alia, that ResiGo is a rental model. This means that any installation and investment costs incurred for you, and spend no money for training. You need to download only the hotel program and can use it immediately. Through the initial Setup Wizard it is possible to apply all master data in your hotel namely within 15 minutes and also the subsequent operation of the hotel software is very easy.

Individual settings, it is possible to tailor the hotel program on your personal requirements. For this month only 15 euro for hotels down 15 rooms and 22 euro for hotels up to 30 rooms plus value added tax at. Another strength of the ResiGo Hotel program is that it can facilitate the booking of the room you and your guests. So, you can decide to connect the hotel software on an Internet booking portal. But also a booking is possible on your own platform. This facilitates your guests booking the room, which is very convenient, on the one hand, and reduces your organization on the other hand, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and guest relations. Accounting export and bed tax with the hotel software cope with one of the monthly tax return is also very annoying and time-consuming task for hoteliers. In cooperation with a tax adviser, generating monthly sales data eats a lot of time.

And also the bed tax levied by many communities, which brings only disadvantages both the hotel and the guest, often complicated has to be calculated. These tasks can be with the ResiGo hotel software is faster and easier to cope with. So the hotel program to calculate the Bed tax for you and this saves you a lot of trouble. Furthermore, the hotel software has a FiBu – interface, with which you can send your monthly sales data directly to the accountant. If you want to so get rid of some red tape and again focus on the hospitality, the ResiGo hotel software is just the right program for you.