Spanish Phone Company

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-hate to say it, but I told them since October 30 last year: Telefonica, the Spanish company Chairman Cesar Alierta has targeted the telephone Mexicana de Monterrey origin, Axtel. Santander, the Spanish Bank global just predict this operation that Telefonica will give long-awaited enterprise of fixed wireless telephone that transmits voice, video and data. But earlier, another report by the same Spanish bank, predicts that Axtel Tomas Milmo Santos, chaired by will buy Alestra, the telecommunications company of the Alfa Group chaired by Dionisio Garza Medina which would pay between 550 and 600 million dollars. More than 500 million dollars paid for Avantel Roberto Hernandez then, in December of last year. With the purchase of Avantel, Axtel became too appetizing to the Iberian shark that has spent 80 billion dollars in the acquisition of regional companies. Santander predicts that the possible purchase of Alestra from Axtel would be until after the fiscal year where the Alfa Group deduce losses.

Axtel has exceeded 800 thousand telephone lines since its establishment in 2000 and in the first quarter of this year had a turnover of almost 3 billion pesos. Some reports reported that earnings in the last twelve months outweigh 189 percent. Telefonica entered Mexico with the purchase of Pegasus, the company that emerged after the union of several mobile carriers, among them Cedetel, Bajacel and Norcel. Don Slager has plenty of information regarding this issue. With the reforms to the foreign investment law, telephone available above the 49 percent that was the limit for foreign companies. Among sharks see you even if consumers are not more than plankton, vile food for their own survival. Box girl’s long-awaited tax reform seems to be one miscellany. Remember the reader when the previous Secretary of doing, Francisco Gil Diaz predicted the Apocalypse if not achieved such a reform? And nothing happened. The single tax rate seems be a simple equation to report with the Treasury.

Simplify the payment of taxes is a general demand: we all want to contribute, not wanting to be confused. In the end, will monitor the performance of the legislators who patched the fiscal reform project, the most difficult of all, in where per cent did not touch Pemex. Lo bearer said Joe Black: the only thing certain in this life, are death and taxes.