Notebook Hp Dv2

When HP and AMD pitched the idea of a laptop with prices and features between netbooks and notebooks, is intrigued. And although many of them were tempting, their micro-keyboard small, low-resolution screen is not always convenient. But In fact, why do we need to drag the MacBook Pro everywhere if you just edit something in to check your e-mail? Besides romontirovat worn notebook with a need to more often. DV2 – HP's answer to the dilemma. He's almost as small as a netbook but just as powerful as a regular laptop. They said it would be better than both of these products. Of course, there was a danger that he would be the worst of them. But fears were not justified, because the DV2 is a smart computer, although it was still far from perfect.

DV2 is the price gap between netbooks and notebooks, but the comparisons can be misleading. HP went to great lengths to get proper form, and they succeeded. It really is very thin (less than inch) body, however, a few darkened impression of convex block batteries. But this is not bad, not particularly worried about not having a flat shape. Opens and closes with a magnet DV2, though not so easy to weight open with one hand. The surface is black with chrome, accents areas.

Unfortunately, the gloss is lost after work nanem for several hours, because on the surface of fingerprints and smudges. Dust also collected in the cracks and is very visible on the shiny surface. The keyboard seems to be rather large, but is not centered, that not everyone likes. However, the keys of a good size (although a little close to each other). Most of the compression seems to happen on the left side, where the keys ESC, TAB, etc. has been reduced considerably. Still, this keyboard is better than other compact laptops. Display size 12.1 "16:10 and is excellent. A 1280 800 means that you can watch even 720p in full size. Image sharp enough, although the vertical viewing angle and color on the right is quite limited. And in the repair of replacement of the matrix display machine will be not expensive! There antiglare, like any other modern laptop. And at least, the display is bright enough, that lets you work and in low light. As for accessories DV2, then they much better than the average netbook, with a price tag of about $ 1,200. For example, up to 4 GB of RAM and a 250-Gbaytny hard drive, which stands out quite a bit compared to netbooks, which are usually sold separately. Incredibly sexy Blu-Ray player that comes with the DV2 is excellent, because the screen actually supports 720p. DV2 suddenly becomes a very good little portable media computer. This is a great second laptop when you need have a laptop, and because he got a lot of space on your hard drive, it works like a small laptop. Source repair laptops from all manufacturers, accessories for laptops in Minsk.